Deep Cleaning

We Serve Deep Cleaning Service all over Salem OR

Among the many house cleaning service Salem Oregon has to offer, WeClean’s Deep Cleaning is one of the more intensive cleaning solutions we provide. More thorough and involved, it usually takes care of those areas that are generally not included during a regular house cleaning Salem Oregon session. 

Standard house cleaning Salem OR usually only involves simple maintenance cleaning, including vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as performing general tidying up. At WeClean, Deep Cleaning goes beyond that and pays more attention to places of the house that would otherwise not have been included in a standard service. 

While standard cleaning is most apt if what you want is to maintain the overall level of cleanliness in your residential, commercial, or rental space, deep cleaning services Salem Oregon is usually done once a year or once in six months to reach to those places in your premises that seldom see the light of day. Deep house cleaning services Salem Oregon are most useful for reaching the dirt and grime that often lie in the deep recesses of your home.  

We recommend or deep cleaning maid service Salem Oregon for those clients who sign up for our cleaning services for the first time. It is also most appropriate for those occasions where you have hosted a gathering in your home. If your goal is to get your space immaculate, clean, and spotless as soon as possible, deep cleaning services Salem OR would be most ideal. Afterwards, you can then sign up for a regular standard maid service Salem OR cleaning for maintenance purposes. 

At WeClean, our deep Salem house cleaning services involve everything that is included in a regular clean plus more. Deep cleaning means grouting the tiles, sanitizing the wastebaskets, and even such detail as wiping off fingerprints from your door frames. 

Cleaning your kitchen goes beyond the usual dusting, wiping, and cleaning off of those services that are visible to the naked eye. Expect us to open your cabinet doors, oven, and microwave to ensure that their insides are duly cleaned. We will also clean behind your fridge and your kitchen knickknacks will also be put in order. 

When cleaning your room, we will go beyond vacuuming your floor but also clean the space under your bed and take care of your carpet edges. Part of our deep Salem cleaning service is to vacuum and wipe down all your upholstery and furniture and your windowsills and ledges. We will even dust your mini-blinds. 

Attention to detail and the smallest things will stand out when we send out our Salem cleaners to your premises to perform a deep clean. Note that we also accept customized services so if there are special requests on your end, you can always consult us and we will do what we can to ensure that they are accommodated.

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